Welcome to the Wesco Senior Center
904 N. 57th Ave.Pensacola, Florida

We are a place for seniors to have fun and meet people of their own age group and to accommodate seniors who still want and need an active life style.

Seniors who enjoy being around others. We have different activities throughout the day.  We would love to have anyone fifty five or older to join us. Visit us at any convenient time.

Our office closes at 12:00, but we are are there every morning around 6:30 so that some members can do early exercises.

Thanks for visiting us, Lois

We are a center for seniors Fifty Five and above. We are located in the Myrtle Grove Community and have been in the same location since 1984.   We are a center for seniors who choose to have an active and social style of life.  We are very proud to have this center for senior fun, fellowship, events and friendship.
Stop by and see what we have to offer for the seniors of the Pensacola and the surrounding areas.
You do not have to be a Pensacola resident to be a member.
Our Thrift Store gladly accepts and appreciates all donations. 
Our Library appreciates donations of books.