October 2019

Let us begin by saying that we hope and pray that all is well after dealing with the scary hurricane season. We need to keep all of those in our prayers that were affected by the severe weather in several areas of the country.

This is the month for our nominations for the Officers and Board Members for the year 2020. For those who are nominated and voted on , you must be willing to donate your time when needed and also attend the once a month Board of Directors meeting to discuss and deal with what is in the best interest for the membership. It is more than just having the title. We have been very blessed with having all of our Board members and Officers elected to be very dedicated members for their positions. We appreciate all volunteers for all that they do but when you have the pleasure to volunteer on the Board or serve as an officer of the center it needs to be a commitment.

We have Holiday events coming up so everyone needs to make sure that their 2019 dues are paid. We will have a signup sheet out in the front office for all to sign up who are planning on attending the Thanksgiving Day luncheon on the 9th. of November. The entrée will be Turkey and the membership will be providing covered dishes for all to enjoy. This is for the members of Wesco only. No guest. The same requirements are for our December Luncheon on the 14th. which is our Christmas luncheon. The entrée will be ham for that luncheon and a covered dish also for all to enjoy.

Our membership party (members only) thirty days prior to October 26th. to be able to attend the party. Everything will be provided by the center for all to enjoy. The time will be 11:00 for the fun to begin. Do not bring covered dishes or etc. there will be no meeting. Just fun, fellowship and a 50/50 drawing with a fun filled time to be enjoyed by all. Please pre sign up in the front office so that we have an approximate count for ordering the food. Only sign up one time please.

We are planning a trip to Biloxi on the 22nd. of October. A signup sheet will be put out for signing up to attend. It is for members only. $15.00 per person to ride the bus. It must be paid on signup. The bus has to be paid for several days before the trip date. We will be going to the Imperial Palace Casino.

For all of you that will be in the variety show for the October luncheon, we will have a walk through on the 8th. of October. That is the Tuesday prior to our luncheon on the 12th. You need to be there for this event. It should only take a short period of time. Thanks to all of you for providing the entertainment for the luncheon. The walk through is to make sure everyone will know the line up and other interest that make the show go well.

President Lindt and her husband Jim would like to say thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers while he has been very ill with breathing problems and other concerns Your assistance as well also when she could not be here from time to time. All of you lady’s who assisted with chair exercise, bingo, bunco and other activities, you all did a remarkable job of taking on the obligation and it is truly appreciated from both Jim and myself.

Our sick list for the past month has been still a bit on the sad side due to so many of our members being sick, in hospitals and rehabs trying to recover from several issues with health problems. We will try and cut it short for the news letter due to so many being on the list, we will say prayers for everyone to get better soon and have a speedy and safe recovery so that you all can return back to the center and be with us. We miss you all. Ms. Betty Eben passed away in August due to some difficult health issues she could not overcome, our prayers go out to the family for their loss.

This is just a reminder that effective December 31st. There will be no more web site page for all to read on line. Our provider is retiring and we want to wish them both a happy and fun filled retirement with whatever they plan to do. Any members can still pick up the monthly News Letters and the Upcoming events in the front office, between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 12:00 noon or at the other events that will be taking place at the center when scheduled.

We would like to thank all who attended the Nashville trip and we hope that all had a fun filled time and enjoyed being with members and others from our center. If all is well maybe next year we will be blessed enough to have another trip to who knows where.

This is just a reminder that whenever we have our monthly luncheons(only) we have before requested in both the new letters and at our luncheons to please use the cups that are provide for the tea and coffee. When anyone chooses to bring larger cups or extra large beverage cups/glasses, it takes away from others who might want refills for the regular provided cups. For the luncheons we only make a certain amount of tea and coffee due to trying to eliminate having to throw away any left over. We also ask that you purchase sodas out of our machines. This assist with the center making funds that help to support our center, since we purchased the coke machine several years ago for this to be a fund raising support to help out with our events, activities and more for the membership.  We appreciate and thank everyone for their assistance and co-operation with this request.


Until next month,

Happy Halloween,  and be safe , love to all


Wesco Senior Center