Welcome to the Wesco Senior Center
904 N. 57th Ave.Pensacola, Florida



April  2019

Happy Easter to all.  Remember the true reason for the Holiday and join in the Easter Sunrise Service at the church or other locations of choice to help celebrate this very special occasion and holiday that we were blessed with.

April 6th. Is another AARP Drivers class for all who need to renew their required assistance safe driving class to receive a discount for their insurance cost each year. Pre sign up and pay the instructor the day of the class. If you sign up and need to cancel, please call 453-7431 and have your name taken off the list. We have limited amount of participants that the class can have. Pay by check or money made out to AARP, the day of the class. No cash accepted.

Our sick list for the months of March and April are still a bit on the sad side for so many of our members and their family members. Kathy Gean is still dealing with cancer issues, prayers are appreciated by both herself and Robert for her to continue to improve.  Sue Sinople is now at the Pruitt Health care Facility in Milton visitors and card are appreciated. Dan Lowery was admitted to West Florida Hospital on Wednesday Feb.27th. due to some recent weeks with health problems, and has since passed away on the 2nd. of March, due to having a heart attack. His wife Bobbie, passed away on March 2rd. at approximately 9:00 p.m. of a heart attack as well, as was told to the President. Our prayers go out to the family for such a loss of both parents. Flo Horn had a fall at home and has a fractured and possibly broken shoulder, and is doing o.k. Laurence Mckinley had a cancer removed from his nose and has been doing fairly well with his recovery from the surgery and from being bruised on his face from the procedure. We are thankful for his recovery going well and we hope he will be back to feeling and being his normal self and doing his daily routines. Mary Siewart had hip surgery and is recovering and receiving assistance at a rehab facility, we wish her a safe and speedy recovery. Ann Crosby is still residing with her son and is not sure as to when she will be returning to Pensacola, due to her home not being repaired as soon as was expected after the damages she received after the last bad storm that we had in Pensacola. She said to tell everyone hello and she misses everyone very much. Janet Robb had hip surgery and we understand that she has been in

rehab and is now home. We hope that her recovery is safe and speedy so that she can return to be with us at the center. Barbara Chandler had a car accident and has a broken rib, we wish her a safe and speedy recovery as well. Lori Schnell is now home after her heart surgery and is recovering. We wish her a speedy and safe recovery from her surgery. Lajune Smith had a fall at home and has several stitches in her head and a fractured finger. We wish her a safe and speedy recovery as well. Ed Miller is now out of the hospital and is recovering at home, we pray that he will soon be able to be back with us at the center.Harold Campbell had eye surgery and is recovering quite well. Ladonna Villers is requesting prayers for her current and  past few months of test being done due to having some cancer issues of concern.To all of our sick and home bound members we, miss all of you and will be thankful to have you all get better and can be back with us at the center. We try and send get well cards to all of our sick members and also sympathy cards to our members who have lost a love one. So please keep the office informed so that our president can send cards when necessary.

The carpet in the pool room has been replaced and it is a request that there be no eating or drinking in the room. Please do your drinking and eating in designated areas of our facility. We try and keep all of our center clean at all times.Our recreational areas such as the exercise room, card rooms, sewing room and the pool room are for fun, workouts, fellowship and more with other members. We (the officers and Board of Directors) are requesting there be no food or drinking in the above rooms and also in our thrift store area. The main hall area has plenty of tables and chairs for everyone to have their breakfast, lunch, snacks and etc. It is very costly every time we have to have the carpet cleaned and our floors stripped and waxed. Everyone’s co-operation and understanding with the Boards request is greatly appreciate. Please remember that the pool room is for all of our membership to enjoy and all are requested to assist with helping to protect the tables as well as other items in the room, the pool tables are not to be used as a sitting item. Chairs are provided for sitting. For those who do not want to assist with these request from the Officers and Board of Directors ,they will possibly be facing suspension due to not complying with rules and regulations for the upkeep and etc. that is provided by the membership dues and fund raising events. We work very hard and are very proud for all seniors to have a nice and clean place to come and enjoy all that Wesco has to offer and we plan to try and keep it that way. The pool tables have been recovered as well . In all that has been done for the activity pool room, it has been quite costly this time to have everything repaired, replaced and put back in place .

We want to say “HAPPY 50TH. ANNIVERSARY” TO Roger and Faye Smith. Thanks for the invitation and for thinking of us. We wish you many more anniversaries to come. We wish you both were still here with us in Pensacola. Love from all of us, enjoy your party and keep on enjoying your golden years.

There will be no line dance class on Thursday April 18th.

April 19th. Is good Friday for all who want to begin their spring planting and etc. Spring is on the way, So All cold weather can clear the way. Time for fun, travel, beach visits and so much more.

We have a trip scheduled for September 16th.-20th. To the fun city of Nashville, Tennessee. It is a five day trip. (Monday – Friday ) The cost is $569.00 per person  for double occupancy. You will need to pre sign up in the front office. The first meeting will be May 4th. At 10:00 a.m. your deposits will be due that day  for your reservation and our next meeting will be announced  in another upcoming news letter.( checks or money orders only) Final  payments are to be made by check or money order as well at the last meeting that will be scheduled in July  or first part of august. They will not accept cash. Flyers are available in the front office. The trip is open to members and others . Fun, Fun ,Fun for all as always is , when we go from our center for a group of fun and fellowship and more.



Until next month,

Wesco senior center