December 2019

Let us begin by saying that this will be the last news letter for 2019. We hope that everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving with their family and friends.

What a great time we had at or October luncheon and our Thanksgiving luncheon. Let us give a big congratulations to all ne Officers and Board members. We are glad to have you as representatives of the best and most active senior center in the Pensacola and surrounding areas. We ask that you take your positions with great pride and commitment to make and continue to make Wesco the best center ever.

December is going to be a rather busy month and we will barely get through that before we start the New Year’s party of food planning, entertainment and much more to make it a successful event for all of our membership. To attend the party you must be a member 30 days prior to December 31st. 2019. Everyone please keep in mind that we have limited seating, plus a fire marshal code that we have to abide by. There will be no saving seats for this event except for the kitchen staff and our table servers.

Coming up, we have a December Luncheon on the 14th. The entrée will be ham with a covered dish provided by the members of our center. This is another “members only” event. We also will have several other parties that will be taking place. We will have a Bunco Christmas party, a Bingo Christmas party, a Line dance Christmas party a Tai Chi Christmas party ,and a Chair Exercise Breakfast for all of our weekly dedicated chair exercise participants. For all parties (except chair exercise class) everyone will be ask to bring snacks or food of choice designated by the event chair person of each group, if you plan on participating in the party. Dates of each event will be in the upcoming events for December.

Our sick list for November is still quite sad due to losing another member of our center for quite some time. Paul Ricketson passed away on October 26th.due to health issues that he has had for quite some time. He was in the hospital for some necessary surgery, but after the surgery other complications became to much for him to overcome. Our prayers go out to his daughter Dottie Hollinsworth and the family for their loss. Paul was one of the centers dedicated pool room players and used the center for his daily outings for pool games, fellowship and often volunteered in the thrift store when needed. He will be missed by all of us that knew him. Jennie Runion passed away on Oct. 17th. from long term health problems. Our prayers go out to the family for their loss. Faye Middleton, Carol Battaglia’s sister passed away from health problems that she could not recover from. Our prayers go out to the family for their loss. Susan Hendricks had had knee surgery and is recovering with rehab assistance. We wish her a safe and speedy recovery. Ed Miller is still having several health issues with his health. We need to keep Ed and Betty in our prayers as well. Dot Crow has been dealing with issues from a fall she had at her home several months ago and she is still not doing well. She is having difficulty with her memory and other issues of concern. We also need to keep her on your church and prayer list for her to recover safely and be able to return to the center. Jim Lindt is doing better and is still taking breathing treatments daily. Thanks to all who were concerned with his health problems. We all know that prayer works. Steve Burns is still home recovering from heart problems that he has recently been dealing with. To all of our members who for whatever reason could not be with us for the Holiday Celebrations, We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and blessed New Year, from your Wesco family at the center of friends and more. Beverly Hall’s daughter passed away in November due to some health issues. Our prayers go out to her and Curtis Hall for their loss. Kathy Gean has been in the hospital with some additional health concerns with her legs and other issues. Our prayers are with she and Robert her very dedicated husband. Every ones prayers are appreciated for her to overcome extended health problems. Lisa Smalley had some minor surgery. We want to wish her a safe and  speedy recovery. Pat Jowers is having some health  issues and she and James are asking for prayers for health to improve. Joann Boatwright had hip surgery and is recovering at home. Our prayers go out to her and her wonderful husband Wayne, for her to have a safe and speedy recovery. Max Horn has had some knee issues of health and Ms. Flo has had some injured shoulder issues to deal with. We wish them both a speedy recovery from their issues. Kathy Mashburn had some surgery done and is home recovering. We wish her a speedy and safe recovery so she can return to the tai Chi class.

This is just a reminder that there will no longer be a web site for viewing our center as of December 31st. Our provider who has been a very dedicated web page provider as well as a great friend to all of us who knew he and his lovely wife Sandy as was  members  of our center. We wish them a fun filled and happy retirement   for whatever their plans may include. He has been a very dedicated web site provider for our center, and we appreciate him for providing us with that service for quite a few years. We also pray that Sandy will overcome her health issues she has been dealing with.

On behalf of all of the Officers and Board of Directors of our center, we want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and blessed New year.

We have another member who will be moving back o her original residence prior to moving to Pensacola, to be with her family. Ms. Peggy Polomski moved away in November. She will be missed by all of her Bunco friends and bingo friends. She let the president and others know that she is keeping her membership active so when returns for a visit she will still be one of us. We love and miss you Ms. Peggy.

Jackie Bashaw will now once again be the President of the centers monthly Neighborhood watch program. and Sophia McHugh will be the Vice President. We are sure they will do a great job for the future programs for the safety issues in our Myrtle Grove and surrounding areas. They will be requesting the needs from lots of attendants to assist with their programs each month.

Thanks to all who participated in the fashion show as entertainment for our November luncheon. As always never be surprised at what you may see for fun and entertainment for our meetings and luncheons. Again, another job well done by all.

Some have gave the president their email addresses for receiving the news letter and etc. she has requested that if you have change of email address, please make sure that you give her the change. Otherwise, you will be deleted from her list if it continues to be returned for incorrect address, or you can still pick the information up at the front office any day before 12:00 noon. on Monday-Friday.

All group activities chairman or representative is ask to turn in any changes to your programs for 2020., such as times, or days. All card groups need to turn in  list of  players. We will need your chairman’s name and phone number and your co chairman name and phone number in case it is needed for information to pass on to others and etc. that may be interested in participating.

Congratulations to all of our new Officers and Board members. We welcome you aboard to assist with what is in the best interest for our center and its membership of fun , fellowship and more.

We have scheduled a trip for 3 days to Biloxi and New Orleans. (Saturday) at 10:00 a.m. The fliers have arrived and can be picked up for viewing in the front office. The first meeting will be January 4th.(Saturday) at 10:00 a.m. The cost will be $249.00 per double occupancy and $348.00 for single occupancy. It will be fun for all. You will be required to pre sign up and we will have possibly one meeting for information and etc. pertaining to the trip. If everyone pays the full amount at this meeting, then we will not have another meeting prior to the trip. Good price and will be lots of fun with our Wesco fun and very calm group of seniors. (ha!ha!)


Until next month,

Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and blessed New year

Wesco Senior Center