August 2019

Let us begin by saying that we hope all had a very safe and Happy Independence day Holiday.

This year is going by quickly and the holidays will soon be upon us. The holidays are a fun time, but lots of planning, activities, cooking, family gatherings and so much more to prepare for.

This is just a reminder that next year’s dues will be $5.00. If you are not current for this year of $3.00 it would be a good idea to pay as soon as possible, due to the holiday coming up events where you will have to be current to attend. As of December 31st.2019 there will no longer be a Wesco Web Site for anyone to view. Our provider is retiring from working and we wish he and his wife a happy and fun filled retirement. There will be news letters and upcoming events and etc. in the front office available for pick up.

Our sick list for July and August is again lengthy. Ed Miller was in hospital, and is now home due to kidney problems and other health issues he has been dealing with for quite sometime. We wish him a safe and successful recovery from all of his health concerns. Maxine Burgeron is now in the Sable House assisted living facility, Ozzie Brundage has been at home and having some health issues to deal with, we wish him a safe and speedy recovery. Mary Harvery’s, dad who resides at the Home stead Assisted Living Facility, was in the hospital due to heart problems and other health problems. Lajune Smith is recovering from another fall she had with injuries to her head. Norma Talbert has been in the hospital with health problems she has had for quite some time and is now home. Mary Harvey was in the hospital due to having an inner ear problem and possibly a heart attack prior to having to be admitted. We wish her a safe and speedy recovery as well with no further problems she is now currently residing with her sister while recovering from her health issues. Mel Frick passed away in May from a long term of health problems that he could not over come. Our prayers go out to the family for their loss. Al Davey is now home and out of the hospital and we wish him a safe and speedy recovery from his health issues. Jim Lindt, has had severe chest congestion and breathing problems, we wish him a successful and speedy recovery from his health problem. We are sad to report that we will be losing another one of our members Al Cavalier, who will be moving to Louisiana to be with his family. He has had some health issues of his own to deal with, and also while taking care of Maxine Burgeron for several years after the death of her husband, Which he has done an outstanding job .We will surely miss the both of them at the center.Gwen Childers husband was in the hospital with heart problems and is now home, we wish him a speedy and safe recovery. Barbara Calloway’s brother passed away due to health issues that he had to deal with. Our prayers go out to the family for their loss. To all of our members that we do not hear from or know about their health issues, we want all of you to know that you are missed and we will keep all in our prayers for your safety and any illnesses that you may have for a better tomorrow. Beverly Promsberger has a fractured arm and will be going for rehab treatments to overcome the injury. We wish her a very safe recovery from her injury. Mary Jane Bowers had catarac surgery and seems to be doing fine in recovery .

We hope that all enjoyed the Independence Day picnic that was provided by the center. We thank Curtis Hall for the music entertainment and all of the volunteers that assisted with making it a successful event. Our cooks, servers, decorating committee, clean up crew and any others who helped out in any way everyone always does a great job. We are so thankful and blessed to have such a great group of volunteers to assist with all of our holiday activities and more. Hats off to all for a job well done. We are so thankful for our veterans for their survice and for allowing us to have the freedom that we are blessed with today. We had door prizes a plenty, lots of dancing, fellowship, and more. What a deal for every ones three dollars per year for the rest of our 2019 . looking forward to 2020 with all.

We will be having a bingo lunch on the 21st. of August for those who want to have lunch prior to bingo beginning. The menu will be posted in the main hall bulletin board area. It will be donation only. Pre sign up in the front office with your name and number of lunches you want to reserve. The time will be 10:30 – 11:45 a.m. Everyone’s donation to Wesco fund raising events are appreciated by the Officers and Board of Directors of our center.

We need and appreciate any baked goods for our yard and bake sale coming up on August 31st. we can no longer advertise our yard and bake sale through Thrifty Nickle, they have closed as was advertise in their last issue of their weekly paper. So we would appreciate some of the membership who does face book or exc. To advertise our sale and bake sale on August 31st. at 7:00 a.m. With our address and phone number. We appreciate it very much.

The yard and bake sale will open at 7:00 a.m. Food items will be available to purchase for donations only during the sale. Vendors can set up on Friday the 30th. from 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. Bring table cloth’s to cover your tables so as to assist with protecting our main hall area tables from damage.


Prayers are needed and appreciated for all of the victims of the Louisiana storm.


Until  next month,

Wesco Senior Center